Disclaimer: not actually an otter or any form of kelp 😉

A word about me:

Laminaria is a nick I started using back when I was more active in various dance and movement arts communities. Laminaria form the largest genus of the kelp family, noted for their fluidity of movement in the ocean currents.

Lutra is the largest genus of otter species (though not in fact that of the Pacific Northwest sea otter…unfortunately, “Enhydra lutris” just doesn’t sound as aesthetic.) Sea otters are noted for wrapping themselves in the abundant fronds of the coastal kelp forests when sleeping, so as not to float out to sea.

So, not really a taxonomic genus/species designation 🙂

A word about my background:

I’ve been pagan-identified for some thirty years, but my home life hasn’t really permitted practice until recently. My practices and theologies continue to evolve.

Currently I am calling myself a “pantheanimist,” following from the term “polytheanimist,” as coined by The Anomalous Thracian and others who want to draw attention to the close relationship between polytheism and animism. I hope my version of this term is more derivative than appropriative. I relate more to the embodied spirits of the physical world and the web of life, as well as their immanent physical and esoteric energy flows, than to deities, thus “pantheanimist.”

I like thoughtful discussion of complex issues, activism, and the deep nourishment and powerful healing that come from contact with the Sacred.


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